Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Garden Gets Started! April 3, 2010

This year Jeff and I each have a community garden plot at the Cypress Community Garden in Vancouver. With the help of our next door neighbour and friend Sara we've gotten things off to as early a start as possible. My life has been garden deficient since moving from Calgary. I'm aspiring to have these plots overflowing with produce for the next five months or so. Watch it all unfold here.
Our garden plots April 3, 2010. Chives, oregano, and a few flowers are up. Mushroom manure has been added. Weeds have been (mostly) removed...for now.

The worms in Vancouver are gigantic.

Asian stir-fry greens are already coming up!

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  1. i want my chives to be that big!!
    but i don't want worms to be that big.