Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 19, 2009 Garden Update

Ten days later the garden is really coming along. Squash are flowering and fruiting like crazy (though exhibiting some signs of irregular watering), peas are climbing all over the place and my favourite, burgundy bush beans, are up! Check out West Coast Seeds, you can order lots of varieties of bush beans from them (these are beans that don't need poles or trellises to climb). Not only are bush beans great for smaller containers and spaces, you can plant them around your squash plants because they are nitrogen fixers and squash are heavy feeders. Nitrogen is essential to healthy plants, and planting legumes (beans and peas) keeps nitrogen in the soil naturally. Add corn to your planting of beans and squash and you'll have a three sisters garden.

The best place to hang out.

The general set-up of my patio garden.

Patty pan squash are getting big.

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